India under Modi Govt | 4 years of Performance Rankings Analyzed by Dhruv Rathee

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  • Dhruv Rathee
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    Timestamps of different rankings -
    1. Ease of doing Business 0:10
    2. Human Development Index 1:35
    3. Environmental Performance Index 3:02
    4. Happiness Index 4:16
    5. Global Hunger Index 5:56
    6. World Press Freedom Index 6:45
    7. Global Competitiveness Index 7:55
    8. Global Democracy Index 9:04

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      make video on AAP Party

    • Sukanya Parnerkar
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      I guess your video is incomplete coz u just have focused on the decreased rates n just 1 increased rate..If u genuinely want to spread facts then talk about all the factors like development i.e roads, metro lines, Reduced rate of corruption, reduced the no. Of scams etc.
      I am not defending Modi sarkar at all..I am just saying if u really want to share the facts for awareness then share all the facts. Don't do it just for sake of doing it.

    • Hitesh
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      Pakistan is happier than India? Common bro!

    • swetank saurav
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      According to you India have done good in ease of doing business but it is based on two city only Delhi and Mumbai.
      And in Pollution in which India's rank are bit down as compare to earlier you are not telling us "it is because of Delhi only"
      It is half truth and a kind of manipulation .
      Dont pretend to be a intellectual if you are intellectual then india dislike those intellectuals

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    Source of data

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    Yeh climate nahi change hua hain..hum change hogaye hain 😂😂

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  • Piyush Patel
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    1 minutes! the more the GCI score, the better it is right? As you said.
    But in 2018 the score was dropped from 71 to 40 then was it could be better! I think there is some confusion here!

  • Amartya Dandapat
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    Great in-depth analysis bro! got to know lots of facts.I wish that you keep on making videos like this with such enthusiasm

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    Itna data kaha se late hai sir ...

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    Ho to rhi h Ganga saf ..bevkuf to ap bnarey ho dekh news kumbh ka mela ka

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    Please make a video on Ram Mandir issue.... Please please

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    Hi, can u make a video regarding the performance of Delhi Government(AAP)??

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    Pollution me govt. kuch nahi kar sakti

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    you are doing a great job. I love the homework involved with your work.

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    You are doing very good work.thank you.

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    Bro, we liked your video because you provide credible sources, links, references.
    Please provide it in your descriptions so that we may check it also.
    As you know youtube videos have no credibility. Right now many bhakts are also making support videos without any source.

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    India on 99 year lease

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    Thank you sir ..bohot kuch janeko mili

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    And the best liar award winner is Dhruv rathee😎😎😎

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    Your Videos are super flop show ...

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    please say something about Network sells marketing

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    Kaun hai be tu..

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    So we are earning more but we are more unhappy ?

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    Totally Fake Guy....COngresss Dalal

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      wo kiska dalal hai pata nahi, lekin tu toh BJP IT cell wala hai.

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    India became like a middle class man who is wearing costly branded clothes....after 2014...

    • Sunil Sharma
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      Yes for Modi, Amit Shah & for the rich businessmen only who can loot public wealth & fled from India...
      Taxes imposed on poor using GST & on bank accounts...

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    Accidental pm pr video bna bhai.kya Dr. Singh ko accidental pm bolna thik h?kya reason h ki India ke politician unki valuable role ko utni importace nhi dekr unki insult krte rehte?

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    Yanha par sab comment me dhru ko gaali denge lekin sale itne alsi hai ki khud analysis nahi karenge google nahi karenge

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    Make a video Reservation on EBC

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    Bro i want to know what is rank of india in the field of technology

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    Data analysis with an agenda ;)
    Here's another metric: number of scams under UPA - many; number of scams under Modi government - not many

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    Very excited to see your next video which is comparison of on Bjp and cong govt. Plz do it fastly.

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    Apka Nam Dhruv GAndhi hona chahiye tha.....

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    u r right

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  • patel brijesh
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  • patel brijesh
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    10 saal mein kaha tha lukhe kya janma nahi tha kute ki aulad 4 saal pollution huva hein saale Tuh lukha hein too lukha hi rahega

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    *वंदे मातरम ना म्हाने याद, मेरे बाबू कै भी याद नहीं है, दादा/पड़दादा नै मतलब ही नहीं था! घणी पीढ़ियों से म्हारे लोग फौज में भी हैं और हम खेत म कमावैं...*
    *जो हामनै देशभक्त नहीं समझता वे आपणी झोपड़ी करवाओ या आपणा ईलाज करवाओ... ना आओ म्हारे लठ तलै या आगे नहीं तो हाम कर दयांगे थारा देशी ओर असली ईलाज!*
    *हम किसान पूत हैं जो जब और जहां जरूरत पड़ी देश को हम अपना सीना अड़ाते खड़े हो जाते।*
    *जाओ जो बन पड़े कर लो नारेबाज़ो, हम तुम्हारी तरह देशभक्ति के सिर्फ नारे नहीं लगाते और ना गीत गाते!*
    *जय भारत भूमि*

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    जा बे कुत्ते कितना भी भोक ले हम ने 70 साल राज किया अभी मोदी ने बहुत काम किया वो बता अगर नही तो काँग्रेस का डल्ला है चाट गांड राहुल गांधीं की hahaha 🤣🤣😂

  • Pradhumn Chaturvedi
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    "A- Adarsh scam
    B- Bofors scam
    C- CWG scam
    D- Devas-Antrix scam
    E- Employee Guarantee Scheme scam
    F- Fodder scam
    G- Ghaziabad provident fund scam
    H- Harshad Mehta stock market scam
    I- IPL scam
    J- Junior Basic Trained Teachers' recruitment scam
    K- Ketan Parekh stock market scam
    L- LIC Housing scam
    M- Madhu Koda scam
    N- Non-banking financial companies scam
    O- Oriental Bank scam
    P- Punjab State Council of Education, Research and Training scam
    Q- Quest for gold scam
    R- Ration card scam
    S- Satyam scam
    T- Telecom 2G scam
    U- UTI scam
    V-Volkswagen equity scam
    W- West Bengal telecom scam
    X, Y, Z
    Aur in scams se desh congress ke raj mai prosperous ho raha tha

  • Pratyush Kanojia
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    This video does not tells that how much poverty has reduced and the enormous gdp growth in recent years!

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    Kisiko ye rahul gandhi ka beta lagta he??? Muje to lagta he bilkul shakal milti he iski rahul se

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    विरोध करने का आलम ये है जनाब
    की अगर मोदी जी कहते है कि शौच के बाद हाथ धोना चाहिए।
    तो काँग्रेशि कहते है कि नही हम तो चाटेंगे।hahah
    हद है राठी चमचागिरी की भी

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    4 years of cong and 4 of bjp ka vedio bnana chahiye tha

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    tum bas modi sarkar ko badnam kr raiho

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    You showed real india to indians... who were brainwashed by politicians and media....

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    Thats why we say thank you jinnah 😄

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    worst data ......faltu..

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    Where is freedom of speech ... Accidental prime minister is no more in You tube ...

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    Even the ease of doing business if taken with ground reality, isn't that good! Major reason being
    Most of the licence work to be done through online service now, in which servers works upon one's luck, thereby delaying the legal process.

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    cng ke chamche

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    Why doesn't he compare scams and gdp..

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    How could a large country like India's business growth can be measured by just 2 cities?

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    Hats off dhruv
    U r doing gr8 job kep it up.
    Aur kuton ko bhonkne do..

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    Is India resist than all other countries in the world is per Kuch batyo yra

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    veminem 23 दिवसांपूर्वी bewkufi h ye, environmental process ek 4 by 4 ke room me baith kr ni dekha jata. 2014 se bht achha h present time. Pahele india ghumo logo se milo intact kro tb vedios bnana 👎

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    Exemplary analysis, congratulations , you took into account a lot of parameters extensively , I hope it helps atleast the literate audience in judging changes we have gone through under BJP rule .

  • Sanchez Bhattacharjee
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    Very Cleverly Choosen Index Which Shows Mostly Bad and No Credit on whatever found good .
    There is Nothing on following :
    > Clean energy Initiatives
    > Health/Life Insurance Schemes by the Government
    > Gas connections in Rural Areas covered .
    > Completion of MeGa Infrastructure Projects .
    > Corruption and Scams .
    > Skill development in Human .
    > Pension for Elders .
    > Number of Terrorists gets Killed around India .
    > FDI comparisons .
    > Digitisation and use of technology in replacing currency .
    > Number of bank Accounts opened .
    > Recognition of India in World level .
    > Mega Train Projects .
    There are definitely many downs as shown in video but there are good Ups also , The Video should been unbiased and it should have included all sides elsee please update the Title as "Downs in 4 yrs of rule by government "

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    Sorry to say but u r puppet of congress.. congress k 70 years reign ka b video bna tb compare krna kon sahi h kon glt.. 2019 m bhi modi ji he pm banenge for sure..

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    Acche din 😂😂

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    Plz motivate people to vote congress nd. Sell our country by sonia gandhi..
    Har chiz ka sahi hota he aur galat b hota he

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    Who is best sonia Gandhi ya narendra modi

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    Dhruv radhi (congress)
    दुनियाभर मे भारत की ranking बढी सबको पता है ....

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    Can u also make a video on Congress era?

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    Bro try upsc

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    He fellu of bjp now

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    such an ass .. Dhruv has no integrity and is extremely biased. Dont watch his extremely biased videos

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    7:29 after watching some of your videos, best example for the media getting sold out is YOU. Doing a work for Congress in the name of critisism. Your videos fell like a hate speech against P.M. Narendra Modi. Don't worry bro you will get slapped hard in future mark my words.

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    soniya ghadhi k bare me bhi bata kabhi

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    Abe kya milte hai be tumhe faltu bole ke sahi hai karte rho Jo accha karte hai usko he sab bolte hai

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    Thank you Dhruv’s really a helpful video for students too ...

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    Do, videos about 60yrs Congress rule .

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    This man is totally against BJP, so listen to him but don't believe him.🙏🙏

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    Liar. Paid agent . No true facts are presented by him . He is fooling all of us. Then it is your wish to boycott or just take the wrong manipulated facts over your heads . Seriously , this is bad to do so.

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    Keep up the good work
    And yes democracy is dead which includes all

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    देखो हर साल कांग्रेस कितना काम करती थी, खोदकर लाया हूँ उनके सारे कारनामे |
    1987 - बोफोर्स तोप घोटाला, 960 करोड़
    1992 - शेयर घोटाला, 5,000 करोड़।।
    1994 - चीनी घोटाला, 650 करोड़
    1995 - प्रेफ्रेंशल अलॉटमेंट घोटाला, 5,000 करोड़
    1995 - कस्टम टैक्स घोटाला, 43 करोड़
    1995 - कॉबलर घोटाला, 1,000 करोड़
    1995 - दीनार / हवाला घोटाला, 400 करोड़
    1995 - मेघालय वन घोटाला, 300 करोड़
    1996 - उर्वरक आयत घोटाला, 1,300 करोड़
    1996 - चारा घोटाला, 950 करोड़
    1996 - यूरिया घोटाला, 133 करोड
    1997 - बिहार भूमि घोटाला, 400 करोड़
    1997 - म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड घोटाला, 1,200 करोड़
    1997 - सुखराम टेलिकॉम घोटाला, 1,500 करोड़
    1997 - SNC पॉवेर प्रोजेक्ट घोटाला, 374 करोड़
    1998 - उदय गोयल कृषि उपज घोटाला, 210 करोड़
    1998 - टीक पौध घोटाला, 8,000 करोड़
    2001 - डालमिया शेयर घोटाला, 595 करोड़
    2001 - UTI घोटाला, 32 करोड़
    2001 - केतन पारिख प्रतिभूति घोटाला, 1,000 करोड़
    2002 - संजय अग्रवाल गृह निवेश घोटाला, 600 करोड़
    2002 - कलकत्ता स्टॉक एक्सचेंज घोटाला, 120 करोड़
    2003 - स्टाम्प घोटाला, 20,000 करोड़
    2005 - आई पि ओ कॉरिडोर घोटाला, 1,000 करोड़
    2005 - बिहार बाढ़ आपदा घोटाला, 17 करोड़
    2005 - सौरपियन पनडुब्बी घोटाला, 18,978 करोड़h
    2006 - ताज कॉरिडोर घोटाला, 175 करोड़
    2006 - पंजाब सिटी सेंटर घोटाला, 1,500 करोड़
    2008 - काला धन, 2,10,000 करोड
    2008 - सत्यम घोटाला, 8,000 करोड
    2008 - सैन्य राशन घोटाला, 5,000 करोड़
    2008 - स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ सौराष्ट्र, 95 करोड़
    2008 - हसन् अली हवाला घोटाला, 39,120 करोड़
    2009 - उड़ीसा खदान घोटाला, 7,000 करोड़
    2009 - चावल निर्यात घोटाला, 2,500 करोड़
    2009 - झारखण्ड खदान घोटाला, 4,000करोड़
    2009 - झारखण्ड मेडिकल उपकरण घोटाला, 130 करोड़
    2010 - आदर्श घर घोटाला, 900 करोड़
    2010 - खाद्यान घोटाला, 35,000 करोड़
    2010 S - बैंड स्पेक्ट्रम घोटाला, 2,00,000 करोड़
    2011 - 2जी स्पेक्ट्रम घोटाला, 1,76,000 करोड़
    2011 - कॉमन वेल्थ घोटाला, 70,000 करोड़
    इनमे से 5 के नाम भी पता थे क्या |
    वो बेचारा अकेला इतनी मेहनत कर रहा है, पर तुम्हारी आदत है न हर चीज में डंडा करने की | अगर ये तंग आकर हट गया न तो, तुम्हे फिर यही कांग्रेस मिलेगी | जितने भी उसके बाहर घूमने से परेशान है, वो बाहर हनीमून नही मना रहा है | सुरक्षा मजबूत कर रहा है अपने देश की | आज तुम सबको को किसान दिख रहे, हैं और जब यूरिया और खाद घोटाला हुये तो, कुछ नही दिखा |
    अगर दिल में अभी भी थोडीसी भी सच्ची जीवित हैं, तो इस पोस्ट को शेअर करो और लोगों को भी निंद से जगाओ |
    मोदीजी को प्रधानमंत्री बने, 4 वर्ष भी नहीं हुआ की, अच्छे दिन का ताना मारने लगे हैं कुछ लोग | वो लोग जर इनका भी कार्य काल देखो, और इन्होने क्या क्या किया हैं सोचो |
    1. जवाहरलाल नेहरु, 16 वर्ष 286 दिन
    2. इंदिरा गाँधी, 15 वर्ष 91 दिन
    3. राजीव गाँधी, 5 वर्ष 32 दिन
    4. मनमोहन सिंह, 10 वर्ष 4 दिन
    कुल मिला कर 47 वर्ष 48 दिन में अच्छे दिन को ढूंढ नहीं सके और 3 वर्ष में हीं अच्छे दिन चाहिए

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