BYN : When You Are Caught Cheating In Exam Feat. Emraan Hashmi

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    😂ghanta last Tak Malum nhi pdta ki twist Kya hai 😂👌mast content bhai

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    Is this me who just realized that be younick = Be Unique
    Like if you knew or if u knew now only

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    Vip hai han bro
    Like karo emraan hashmi ka leyi

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    Osm video nick
    Love u brooo

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    That Ringtone of "Bheege Hont...🤣🤣

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    Nice vidoes make more vido all the best 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Kon kon cheat india dekhne chal raha he

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    Bro your videos are to good I appreciate it but the problem is with your content.....I mean whatever content in video watchers already imagines it ...I think you are understanding what I mean make it more twisty

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    That was great

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    Emran bhai ho aur maja n ae😂😂😍😍😍😍 bt bhai plzz improve ur voice quality kbhi kbhi kuch line smjh ni aati kya bola awsmm video btw

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    nice video

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    😂 hilarious

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    after 1 year somebody will watch this video and comment -"Someone in 2020?"...and tons of people will hit like in that comment...xD

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    Me: please someone help me pass my end sem exams
    Emraan hashmi: hold my beer kiddo! 😂

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    Beta main tera bhai hoon

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    Last time principal k saath mass bunk mara that 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

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    Arre bc🤣🤣

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    I request you to please keep your content technically correct as we can see.
    Today these days in at least high school while we give our exams we don't sit so close in fact most of the schools are given single bench for each student just so they cannot cheat 😂.
    I mean just think of us now....😀

    Anyways a great video.

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    Emraan sir Entrance at 00:49 with background music is just osm

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    I was trying to guess the twist. As I was big cheater but I couldnt...

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    Now it's called "Why Cheat India" .......poor decision IMO

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    Bhai aisa ho gya to duniya bdl jayegi thanks aisi video bnane ke liye

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    Wah i wish the movie also does extremely well at the box office

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    Bhai hoo toh aisa Yaar....

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    Awesome video

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    #nusta be you nick😋😍❤

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    Hahahaha bhot hard bhot hard bhai
    Video Ho toh aise.. Jai dombiwali __ 🚩

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    Imran ki spelling galat hai tum ne Emraan likha hai

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      Emraan hai bhai

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    Toppers be like at 1:48

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    Ek no.👌👌 end hone tab bhe pta nhi laga ki kya twist tha isme..faadu tha yrr👌👌😄😄

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    Emraam said movie is releasing on 25th January though it is being released on 18th January 😂😂😂

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    😂😂😂😂 level

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    Are sab nusta nusta karta hai to video kyu nhi nuatapost karta
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    What a twist .. crazy😂

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    ye smartwatch pehan ke exam kom exam deta h bhai ?

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    Love you imran sir

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    Wah wah. Mast. You are really taking efforts to promote cheating..

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      Actually he is doing right thing creating awareness about education system

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    Awesome content bro. By the way, whose idea it was to keep cheats inside that shoe?

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    Ek number❤️❤️

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    Emraan mera crush❤❤

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    Mind blowing bhaii.. 😍😍

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    Imran hasmi the king👑

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    Ur beast video bro love you

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    bhai sorry bt dis tym d thunbs up goes to d bad boy..👍👍

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    Hit hoga Cheat India

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    Asli nakal me hi akal hai👌👌
    cheating karne walo yaha lik e karo

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