2.0 - Science behind Rajnikanth 's Movie | Mobile Phone Radiation Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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  • Dhruv Rathee
    Dhruv Rathee  2 दिवसांपूर्वी +66

    Most of the comments here on this video are regarding the 5G test in Netherlands. Please know that birds dying from it was Fake News. This has already being revealed by AltNews. Read more here- www.altnews.in/will-birds-die-as-shown-in-2-0-indian-media-falls-for-fake-news-from-netherlands/

    • Aditya Awale
      Aditya Awale 2 तासांपूर्वी

      Light is not a wave light the dual nature of light makes it acts as a wave as well as a particle, light travels in small packets called photons and the flow of a photon is a wave. Quantom mechanics

      SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE 4 तासांपूर्वी


    • Shivanshu shekhar
      Shivanshu shekhar 6 तासांपूर्वी

      Lakin jamshedpur ka case jaha urban areas mein 2009 2012 ke bich bahut sara crows mar gaya tha wo aur ab to bahut kum crows dikhne milta hai.aur agar future mein scientifically prove ho gaya ki sach Mobile towers ek reason hai birds ke death ka to ?😢

  • Jatin Duggal
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    2.0 is not a good movie... Dont watch it

  • AG's Innovations
    AG's Innovations 24 मिनिटांपूर्वी

    A movie is to be taken for entertainment purpose only and not informative we have dhruv to tell us informative.

    MASK MAN 26 मिनिटांपूर्वी

    You have doesn't seen the movie in proper sense. You are misleading people......sorry bro ..

    MASK MAN 29 मिनिटांपूर्वी

    You don't know about cell phone tower radiation.

  • Chand Pathan
    Chand Pathan तासापूर्वी

    Nice video
    very real and authentic content as usual

  • Dr Bunny
    Dr Bunny तासापूर्वी

    Well done bro only educated people will understand this video . The rest will buy that locket :D

  • Dr Bunny
    Dr Bunny तासापूर्वी

    All the scientist in comment section proving him wrong on the base of a movie :D
    Btw check yourube for birds falling from sky you can find videos which are posted 5 years ago .I think they were testing 5g then too ? :D

  • Sachin.H.J Jayanna
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    But movie was A good watch in 3d
    Once watchable....

  • Anshu Kumar
    Anshu Kumar 2 तासांपूर्वी

    *chor kahin ka*
    *Achha phir yeh bata ki Human ne khaane ke liye na haane kitne birds species ko Khatm kar diya , wo galat tha kya movie mein*

  • Aditya Awale
    Aditya Awale 2 तासांपूर्वी

    Light is not a wave light the dual nature of light makes it acts as a wave as well as a particle, light travels in small packets called photons and the flow of a photon is a wave. Quantom mechanics

  • senthil kumar m
    senthil kumar m 2 तासांपूर्वी

    Brother nice information if had time also read these below sources

    source 1 "An analysis of 97 studies by the EU-funded review body EKLIPSE concluded that radiation is a potential risk to insect and bird orientation and plant health." by sarah knapton ( science editor telegraph)

    source 2:"The review of existing literature shows that the EMRs are interfering with the biological
    systems in more ways than one and there had already been some warning bells sounded in the
    case on bees (Warnke 2007; vanEngelsdorp et al. 2010; Gould 1980; Sharma and Neelima R
    Kumar 2010) and birds, which probably heralds the seriousness of this issue and indicates the
    vulnerability of other species as well. Despite a few reassuring reports (Galloni et al. 2005), a
    vast majority of published literature indicate deleterious effects of EMFs in various species. The
    window of frequency range and exposure time required to make measurable impacts would vary
    widely among species and unfortunately we do not have any such data available for most of our
    free-living floral and faunal species in India. There is an urgent need to focus more scientific
    attention to this area before it would be too late." by an expert group was formed by the Ministry of Environment and Forest

    member of the expert committee
    who made the above conclusion
    1. Dr. Asad Rahmani, Director, BNHS (Chairman)
    2. Representative of Wildlife Institute of India (Dr. Dhananjai Mohan, Dr. B.C. Choudhary)
    3. Representative of Deptt. of Telecommunications, New Delhi [Shri. P. K. Panigrahi, Sr.
    DDG (BW)]
    4. Representative of the Centre for Environment & Vocational Studies, Punjab University
    5. Representatives of WWF India (Gp Captain Naresh Kapalia, Dr. Parikshit Gautam)
    6. Representative of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Prof. H.S. Jamadagni)
    7. Representative of Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (Prof. R.K. Patney, Deptt.
    of Electrical Engineering)
    8. Representative of SACON (Dr. P.A. Azeez, Director, Dr. Arun Kumar)
    9. Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Zoology, University of Kerala
    10. Ms. Prakriti Srivastava, DIG(WL), MoEF (Member Secretary)

  • salute 72
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    Hello sir,
    Aap Ka knowledge bahot achchha hai lekin aap ki baate pure Hindi language me hi kahe usme English words add na kare kyo ki English language me sabhi ko samaj ne me me dikkat ho rahi hai to please Hindi language me hi baate samjaye........ thanks

  • Kami Sama
    Kami Sama 2 तासांपूर्वी

    @dhruv have u checked the new test results done with 5g networks in europe. Many birds have died during their tests. Maybe they tried to portray 5g network side effects lol.

  • dheeraj nagraj
    dheeraj nagraj 2 तासांपूर्वी

    Most of the youtube channels are against 2.0 movie and the birds and radiation issue you people are saying that its not harmful but news channels and papers are saying that the cell phone radiations which are above trai regulations are really very harmful In 2.0 movie shankar is pointing that to get more money and subscribers mobile companies are not following TRAI regulations and Government is not taking care of that issue the movie is not against cell phones you people please know it I know that there is a lot of insecurity in the youtube channels over radiation issue that's why you people are saying against that movie and changing facts over it because over 70% of youtube is viewed through mobiles and tablets in India instead of doing this kind of negative propaganda I request people like you to raise questions over why TRAI regulations are not followed in India properly also why more than 10 networks in India when china and america is using only 3-4 networks and we should know and check if they are following TRAI regulations properly or not Some people are against this movie because they think Rajinikanth is BJP and Hindutva supporter I am completely against Hindutava and BJP but in this issue I will be with Rajinikanth and shankar even if they are supporters of BJP or Hinduvtava Ideology

  • Shivsankar Paul
    Shivsankar Paul 2 तासांपूर्वी

    dose mobile or computer light is harmful for eye
    plz make a video on this

    SUNIL KUNWAR 2 तासांपूर्वी

    What about wifi?????????

  • mukesh jangir
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    Hahahaha अगर आप किसी मूवी की कहानी को seriously लेकर ज्ञान पेलना चाहते हो तो मेरे भाई आप पागल हो चुके हो या फिर आपका कोई screw ढीला है

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    Bhai you are great...tera v dhandha hi chal rha h

  • Geeta Phatak
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    but that was science friction movie

  • shashank mallick
    shashank mallick 3 तासांपूर्वी

    Bhai itna jo tu SCIENTIFICALLY word bol rhe ho na........ye shi ni hai........wo scientist jo jada Dimaag lga kr pesticide bnaya.......wo saale kya prove krenge..........Dynamite se le kr nuclear weapon tk .....sb me woo hi jimmedar hai.....to wo kaise ..science ke Thekedaar bnenge.....
    Iska koi jawab ni hai.....pehle to khud itna destroying invention kro aur phir......sir pakadke ..chillao.....
    Ab yhi kaam reh gya hai

  • Lavkush Napit
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  • shashank mallick
    shashank mallick 3 तासांपूर्वी

    Arre bhai.......urbanization me cell tower ni aata kya......
    Jb development ho rhi.....to tower to lgne hi hai.......aur ye urbanization ek broad term hai.....to...isme cell tower bhi aata hai......
    Ese hi log society me galat advertise krte hai......
    Abe ek baat bta ....esi kon si radiation harmful ni hai...mostly to hai na......aur kya ye diseases vi sudden thore hi hota hai......wo vi slowly body metabolism se hota hai........to bhale hi ye kitna vi less harmful ho.....per harmful to hai na......
    Bs bhai.....aaj kl yhi time aa gya hai.....logon गधा bnaane ka.....keep it up.....aur inke subscribers ko vi कामनाएँ।।।

  • Shahrukh Raajput
    Shahrukh Raajput 3 तासांपूर्वी

    Shi kh rhe ho yrr m bhi bhut exite ho kr gya tha is movie ko dekhne socha tha bhut mza aayega, ak dm bkvaas kch bhi ni h aut ticket bhi itni mhngi mili is movie k liye

    SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE 4 तासांपूर्वी

    What about indian sparrow ??
    Why the highly populated birds are rarely seen these days ???
    Why are they facing extinction?????

  • Mohan Kumar
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    Your right sir.


    Ni sir movie ek no hai or hamesa rahegi..hit like for akshay kumar

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    I hope..aap ka channel hamesha eshi jankari deta rhe .

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    Bhai headphones use harmful Hai ya nhi iske upar bhi video bnao

  • Manish Jha
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    Aap movi dekhne gaye the ya c.b.i bankar chapa marne maza lijiye thik h n to padhiye aur aage badhiye ....hm v aapke tarah navyuvak h ....

  • Batman
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    I agree, movie is shit. Thank bat, I didn't watch that shit.

    SOURAV JAMES 5 तासांपूर्वी

    R u out of ur mind...its ok u r giving the right reason...but u have no right to talk about the movie its gd or bad... Ok idiot

  • Rahul Kumar
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    Bekar movie🤣🤣...i agree

  • Adam arkin arkin's
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    Finally someone agreed the movie os so boring...

  • Abhishek kumar
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    Bc iska video.. MR-clip suggestions me kyu?

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    bro, I am your new subscriber. i wanna join you. you are doing a great work . lots of love and respect

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    Ye movie hai naa ki koi knowledge ka source.

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    Padelikhe log hi like kare bevkuf 👎

  • Ramesh xd
    Ramesh xd 6 तासांपूर्वी

    I dont think so in the movie they mentioned clearly that the companies are using frequency other then given specified limit... So that was the reason behind the birds death.. The film was very clear.. Correct me if I'm wrong..

  • Prasad Avp
    Prasad Avp 7 तासांपूर्वी

    What you said is correct but not exactly see the movie again.

  • Concepts
    Concepts 7 तासांपूर्वी

    Chapter 8 revised.

  • vaidehi Agrawal
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    Can this cause blood cancer???

  • md moazzam hossain
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    এই vedio সবাইকে দেখা দরকার।

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    Excellent boss

  • md moazzam hossain
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  • Muzzammal Raza
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    Hi i am from Pakistan and I really like ur videos and my request is that please make a video about India and Pakistan relations ( specially why they both countries can't be friends.)

  • Akash Thakur
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    Cell phone tower agriculture area me lga die ja rhe hai .
    Jisse agriculture kam ho rha hai jiski bajah se microorganisms kam ho rhe hai or birds bhi mar rhe hai.
    And also the use of pesticides in fields

  • Shahid Naik
    Shahid Naik 7 तासांपूर्वी

    But recently during 5g testing many birds died. Then how can you say towers are not responsible for it

    ELECTRIC CARS & VEHICLES. 7 तासांपूर्वी

    yeah videos badia HAI tumhari

  • John gulbarga
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    Movie is bakwas Educate more people bro. India 🇮🇳 needs you bro

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    Good news

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    Aapko darr hai ki agar
    Tower nahi toh network nahi
    Network nhi toh sim nhi
    Sim nhi toh mobile nhi
    Mobile nhi toh internet nhi
    Internet nhi toh youtube nhi
    MR-clip nhi toh dhruv rathee ka channel nhi


  • twihard
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    Anyone who's saying what he said is wrong then why don't you stop using phone. If you love birds so much. Because you know you are a killer. Get in jail. I know no one will do. People can only talk. But can't do anything. You all don't have enough guts to make a video but you all can hate someone who's making a video. Now hate me for this comment but I don't care. He is not right maybe. But you are not right either. So stop hating him.

  • hem pradhan
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    your wrong dont misguide the people.. pls

  • Shaik Mujahed
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    Scientists ne bhagwaan ka maujood hona proof nahi kiya hai
    Toh kya hum unke proof karne tak bhagwaan ko maanna chhor de?
    Cigarette peene se gutkha khane se cancer hota hai
    Ye baath scientists ko bahot saal baad mlm hui
    Radiation bhi ek wajah ho sakti hai

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    *keep it up bro u r doing amazing job* best wishes for u

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    Tujhe contribute karu taki humsai paisa lekar humari hi mare...
    inti mehenat sai , itna paisa(₹) dalke woh movie banate hai...tere jesa bok bok karne wala dhogi baba ki baat sunke lagta hai nhi jayunga movie dekhne ...
    Google sai do car page kya download karliya apne apko ...kya instine samajh ne laga hai?...
    Khud ko geyan de ...kuch kam nhi..hota logo ki pass to jio free internet mila to channel kholke gyan dene wale wohat hogye...

  • S M
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    To tum kya kehete ho ...cell phn se radiation wo environment mai kuch problem nhi karta?...Bhai . Tumhari. Hisab sai cale .....to duniya ki sab researchers pagal Bethe hai...

    Or humesa direct effect nhi dikhai deta...or small birds so much effected by it....Abe miss leading nhi hai..do not miss lead ...you are miss leading.

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    Bhai main dekhne ja raha tha, but dhaniyewad, and m lucky k pehle aapka video open liya🙏

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    Abe tum kaha se apna education liya he re?? Thoda power density calculation v padh liya karo yeh jis class xii ki book se jada serious he....
    Or India me jo power use hota he or jo absorbtion hota he wo kisi human being ko 19 min/ day microven me rakhne k barabar hee..

  • Jeevan Kanwar
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    BOOOO.... BOOOO.... Kisi bhi mobile tower mein jaake 24 hours spent kar le... Pta lag jaayega... Bewkoof... Scientific proof bhi mil jayega... Galat information deta hai.... Mobile Companies ki Chamchagiri kar rha hai.... Ass kisser hai Tu Mobile companies ka.😒😒

    • naveen besamalla
      naveen besamalla तासापूर्वी

      well said bro. These mobile company owners paying money to popular MR-cliprs to spread false news. Most of people who addicted to MR-cliprs are believing blindly.

  • Muralidhar Mv
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    Dhruv.. Your substantions are incorrect... Please do not misguide the people.

    THE FILMY PARDA 10 तासांपूर्वी

    What about Rahul gandhi make video on it if you are a true youtuber.

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    Very well explained Dhruv 👌

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    Very nice information bro....... Thank you sooo much.... Thanks a lot.... Now I'm going to share it to many a whatsapp group....

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    Bjp kyu hara bataw...

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    yes of course, boring picture even in 3d

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    Am I the only one who sees there's a trend in comments section that some hate comments are repeating and get very number of likes ? Coincidence ? Or IT cell at work ?

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    are bhai thoda soch k video banao

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    Save 🐦 save earth

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    Make video of Rafael scam on Congress supporter

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    Netherland me 5g test huaa udhar bird's ki population kum ho raha he ey baat jhut he kyaa.

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    Anybody wants Dhruv Rathee
    to run for PM

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    Good Info. Druv Rathi Thaink U 👍

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    Are u saying 2.o is waste r u mad then make of yours by using 543crores and see your the first person to say that 2.o is waste I don't trust u go fool

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    I like your video and give the right suggestion..

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    Y not you go and stay under the cell phone tower for some hours than u will understand the reality... I guess u must have got huge money from cell phone companies to make this video.... Look dear it is well know that radiations from cellphone tower are indeed harmful.... Than y r u spreading such a foolish message....

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    isse achha to hollywood movie dekh lo

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    sahi bole bhai bakwass hai robot 2.0

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    News have been Flooding that Shaktikanta Das is Non-Economist in 28 Years to become RBI governor please make a video on it brother, what will be the impact on the Indian Economy ??

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    If you are sure there is no harm from radiation from cell phone. Then why are you saying to use headphones???

  • Rana Mukherjee
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    Obviously the birds are killed during the test of 5G. If it was happened in any country, the country should definitely say no, fake news etc.

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    Bhai film main direction loss hone ki bat bhi ki hain

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    Great content! Can you please make a video on reservation system in India? The truth needs to come out!

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    I have seen spiritual people in high samadhi state getting affected by cellphone radio waves. They seem to have felt shocks when the phone rang even when the phone was in silent mode (they could not hear it but only feel it from some distance).

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    Tu kahan ki baat kahan jod rha hai..... tere 4 me se 3 links ka to mobile radiations ke sath koi lena dena hi nhi hai...... and 4th link bhi trustworthy source se juda nhi hai......mobile radiations aur tere links bc koi connection hi nhi bnate hain.....

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    Ye sources kahan se utha kr laya hai.... tera ek bhj follower in sources ke link ko open krke nhi dekhta hai shayad

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    Actually somehow Akshay Kumar is the supporter of Modi and Robot 2.0 Akshay Kumar's biggest film ever that's why he made this video. Otherwise he has nothing to do.

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    Actually you are coming in 2019 and you want to do 5G SCAM. Please do a thing stand near to a cell phone tower for next 1 year and you feel thrill effect of radiation.

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    Cell phones Ko movie m isliye target Kiya hai jisse wo har kisi person k sath directly connect kr sakeee ( no scientific reason)
    But big movie making reason

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    You are right

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    Keep it up and make this country once again a garbage ( sorry to say but it is true) 2019 k bad rahul ko pm bnao or fir se development krwao jesa hum pichle 70 salo se dekh rhe the

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